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Surrounded! by JECBrush

First of all, the set up is really nice and fit well with the starfox universe. The reflection on the water is flawless and the splashi...


Foward into a new dawn by akiba165
Foward into a new dawn
After acquiring the sovereign class cruiser and fighting  the romulan, a new task appears and the crew of the U.S.S Matsumoto are heading out.

I do not own star trek online, im just a fan.
U.S.S Sakura-return of the NX class by akiba165
U.S.S Sakura-return of the NX class
Just bought the enterprise era pack, worth every virtual penny.

Star trek online does not belong to me, im just a fan.
WITNESS ! by akiba165
Another capture from Mad max, I swear im going to fill my ps4 memory with those if this keeps up.

I do not own mad max, Im just having a blast with.
What a day, what a lovely day ! by akiba165
What a day, what a lovely day !
Finally bought Mad max for the ps4, along with the car carnage and war boyz beating Im really enjoying the screenshot editor.

I do not belong anything related to mad ma.
U.S.S Masamune by akiba165
U.S.S Masamune
After freeing the Enterprise-C from a twisted alternated dimension I receive a free ship as a reward for it (Sweet :D  ), unlike the slower but stronger Musashi I was using before the Ambassador is faster and got a much more interesting turn rate which allow me to maneuver around easier and prevent the little dance where i cannot align my torpedoes and I can only use my side phasers (takes forever to destroyed other ships).

Do not own star trek, just a fan


akiba165's Profile Picture
Hi everyone, it's been awhile since the last update so sorry for keeping everyone in the dark. First thing of all, about the SSM stories ive hit a solid writer block, my head is somewhere else at the moment and  my heart is not there so it's on ice for a moment. There are other things I wish to explore and try but the writer block is persistent with this one (bad star wars pun,check).

Normally I never put my personal life on Deviantart but this time I need to get it off my chest. Since I start working in a call center,  I feel like those 2 years in college 2 months in France  was for nothing this it ? I am to stay in that dreaded place till I retire ? and every time I tried to look for something else or talk about it, I either hear ''you will find something soon'' or how expensive living in a bigger city and how I need this and this to work in an other city(bigger) and how stable my current job is (yeah right). Plus add the bitterness of losing two people I once consider BFF and almost family for more than two years in September(still creeps in my mind to this day), let's just said life can be a mean b****.

Good thing Ive met other people who is supporting me along the way (and a new crush :D ) , Im also too darn stubborn to stop trying and eventually Ill get through this phase and hopefully be a much happier person.
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