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Surrounded! by JECBrush

First of all, the set up is really nice and fit well with the starfox universe. The reflection on the water is flawless and the splashi...


XCOM my team by akiba165
XCOM my team
After a year or two after it's release, I finally tried Xcom Enemy unknown and I love it ! This is my current team and load out.

Xcom does not belong to me, i'm just a newly converted fan of the franchise.
Undisclosed location/8:00

Sitting in his dark command room, the general was monitoring the golden speedsters latest appearance when he was interrupted by an incoming calls.
It was one of the member of the SinnerZ, codename Envy. Through the computer screen, only his helmet is visible and his eyes.

''You wanted to see me , sir ?'' ask Envy with his hoarse voice followed by his breathing through some kind of air support inside his helmet.

''yes, I wanted to verify with you the progress of your ''experiment''  with the meta serum'' reply the general with a polite and calm Englishman voice while taking a sip of tea.

Envy replied '' Well …..due to the ''damaging'' effect of the long term uses of the serum, it's quite difficult to manage a permanent way to allow the user to keep their power without some support to keep the formula running through the blood stream until it replace and modify the users DNA.''

The mask man took a moment to catch his breath and continues on.
''However in some cases, the formula settles in more easily without the ''negative'' effect but im still monitoring theses special subject to see if I can apply their cooperative DNA to my experiment.''

The general put down his cup down, clean his face still conceal in the shadows and said '' That's very good, how about our ''friend'' Mr. Mercury ?''

Envy fold his arm, looking somewhat frustrating before saying '' On this matter, i'm still unable to replicate Waylon's speed powers nor reach his speed yet but I need more than archive files to be able to gain more data to understand how his body function. ''

The general stayed silent for a moment, putting his hand where his missing arm was before his first fight with the speedster. He knew what the scarred man in front of him wanted, his obsession with Waylon ''natural'' speed powers that learn him the codename ''ENVY''.  

'' Rest assure doctor, you will have plenty of time to analyze our 'dear' friend and put him at good use but for now keep working on the serum''

The doctor nod and log off. The general had a few ''idea'' on how to deal with Waylon and could not help it but smile. The ideal of pay pack for his arm would be so good he could barely wait but he knew his vengeance and triumph will come in time and Spee...Super Sonic Man will not be able to anything about it. He then punch a few key on his keyboard and set his sight on a new target,  a new and potentially infinite source of power stored in a factory in Ontario.

The power of Nikolas Tesla will be mine very soon, I hope your are ready Waylon.
Red/Yellow Electric Winter prologue
This is the prologue part of my first story who is not part of super sonic man origin and return to business. This also introduce one of the members of SinnerZ (Waylon old teams) and their first major plot. This story will also introduce my very first character The Red Guard. If you have any comment or suggestion just let me know :)

SSM and other related characters are part of the Angel fall
For many great city, night time is when some of it's most interesting story emerge and were myth are born from. Even some of world most famous superheroes originated from it's dark alleys. Tonight however is the time for a forgotten hero to return into the light once more to face his inner demons.

Rooftops of an apartment building-Angel Falls- 10:30pm

Standing on top on the building, Waylon final put together his new suit in a record time of 3 days and with only 37 failed 'prototype'. He walk back and forth with is headphones integrated into his ear piece  set to the police emergency line. So far nothing came as he walk back and forth trying to stay patient. As he was about to call the night off early, an emergency call for backup suddenly come to his attention.  4 person just rob a bank and are escaping, there were last seen heading toward the industrial park in a blue sedan.

The cop on the radio didn't have the time to finish speaking that Waylon already took off in a blur, running down the building and into the street. For the pedestrian on street, they could only see and yellow and black blur speeding zig zagging between cars in the traffic. Despite the situation he couldn't stop thinking about one of the nuns who was running the orphanage he grew up in who always lecture the children about playing in the street and run around the place. Finding the runaway car in the park wasn't as difficult as he thought at first, as the loud siren of the police cars tend to help. The robbers were driving a 70's Chevy with the cops not far behind. As Waylon finally catch up with them, one of the crook pull out his
assault rifle and start unloading on the cop car. The first 5 shot hit the hoods and breaks the front lights, the cop at the wheel try to avoid getting hit more and start swinging the car left and right. SSM quickly got to work and quickly ran by the crooks Chevy and yank the rifle from the guys hand, probably breaking the guy hands in the process. Before the policemen could react, the 4 crook were sitting in their back seat with a few bruises and cuts.  

The now driverless getaway car safely finish his run in a ditch with the ''help'' of the yellow blur.  

Well that went alright he thought to himself as he kept running around town to find others to help.

For the following 2 hours, Mercury saved two person falling from a construction site, prevent one hit and run, send two drug dealer to jail and send a pimp to the hospital for abusing ''his employee''.  Afterwards Waylon took a break a top of a tall skyscraper to catch his breath. The view was so refreshing  from his home in Ireland and he could see himself coming more often there. He was glad to chose this place to  get himself back in tune, with it's large population and with strong superheroes community perhaps he could learn a thing or two from the city veteran heroes.  Before heading home however, he took a selfie of him with the city in the background and send it the his friend Abby with a little message saying Thanks for the pep talk Abby.

The next morning.

Still laying in bed for her day off, Abby was woken up by the vibration of her cellphone. She was half awake and a bit annoy to get up so early in her day off.  She finally pick her phone and check who text her , what she saw wake her up as efficiently as an ice bucket to the face.  She smile at the sight of her friend finally being in his element and to see him being happy.

Her attention shift by the mysterious appearance of a warm coffee cup on her desk next to her bed with a small note and a small cardboard box. She gladly took the coffee, having a good idea from who it may come from. While take a sip from it, she also check the note which said I found a little something along the way back for you, hope you like it.

She finally take the box in her hand and open it.  In it was a Japanese Maneki-neko, a cute cat figurine who is also a lucky charm.

''You really have a problem with your sens of orientation''  She said to herself while letting out a small laugh and putting the cat figurine on her desk.

Unknown location.

In a dark room only illuminated by the dozen of holographic screens showing a yellow lighting bolt running through the streets in Angel Falls, a man dress in an overall black outfit. On the table where he rested his arms was an old gas mask with red eyes next to a warm cup of tea. He took interest in on particular shot in which the mysterious lightning bolt disarm a run away bank robber. He slow down the footage as much as his computer allow him to do but it was enough to see a blurry human silhouette.

'' Welcome back Mr. Mercury, it's been a while.'' Said the man in the shadow to himself while drink his tea cup with a devilish grin.
The fastest thing in Ireland is coming to AF
The third and last origin chapter for the Super Sonic Man. If you got any suggestion or comment don't hesitate to leave a comment and ill answer when I got the time.
Howth - Ireland-7:30 PM

A few days after his little show at the oil rig, peoples on social network are still theorizing who was the mysterious blue speedster.  Some people thought it was a new heroes from the American city of Angel Falls and a few other speedsters including Speedy. The workers were also brought up for interviews. Most of them talk about how they could barely see him move and how he ''survive'' being shot at by two machine guns. Despite being unsure he should have gone there but seeing how people react to it all felt nice.

While still reading the news on his tablet, a feminine figure sneak behind his back and put her hand in front of his eyes and says '' ggguuueeessss who ?'' she said giggling.

The voice immediately bring a warm and comforting feels to the cold nights. The woman in question is Waylon's BFF Abigail Collins, who also  teach gymnastic and take care of the neighbourhoods boxing club. She sat next him and check  what Waylon's reading.

'' so, they still can't take a photo of you that isn't blurred ?'' She said smirking.

Waylon chuckle and add '' They didn't even get my good side''.

Both shared a good laugh as the sun completely disappear out of sight. However despite the jokes and praise,  he knew he couldn't go back to his old ways  since the last time almost wipe Dublin off the map.

'' Hey don't go all brooding on me, I know the sun is down but you doesn't have to follow it'' Said Abby in respond to her friend sudden silence.

'' Oh sorry about that I got lost in my thought, what's up ? '' Ask Waylon, trying to change subject.

'' well my best friend is an ex-superhero who can break the sound barrier in sneakers but let's his past ruins his future'' said Abby with a more cynical tone.

Abby sudden change of attitude took him by surprise but he know understand why she climb to the roof to see him. After all she knew him better than anyone else.

She didn't give Waylon a chance to put a word in and continues.

'' Listen, I know you got your reasons for stopping but you know better than I that the world need you to come back, hell you need to come back. I saw the spark of  hope and excitement in your eyes beyond the mask.  ''She said while putting her hand on his shoulder and move closer.

''Don't you think there's enough heroes out there to protect the earth ?'' he ask with a small sorrowful smile.

'' True there are hundreds of them all over the globe, with or without super powers but you got your place among them as well. You were given a great gift for a reason, you can do what others don't even have the time to think about it'' Abby said with a  strong and confident tone.

she's right and you know with ! Screamed the little voice in his head which was either his conscience or hidden desire, which both seems to be agreeing for once. For the last 10 years, he ignored that voice and endure the recurrence nightmares about the return of General Plague and his former colleague. It even got as far as him sleep walking to the Euro Defender's old lab to work on god knows what. He closes his eyes, trying to get a clear answer as Abby adds :

'' I know that  General guy destroy your old friends but by giving up you let the one armed c***face wins.  This time run ! Run straight at him  and smack his face in pieces ! Show the world what a super sonic man can do ! '' those last word echoes thought Mercury's mind,  slowly washing all doubts away.  His fears melted away and transforms into bombastic roar calling wanting justice.  The once feared image of his nemesis turn into a desire for retribution. He suddenly open his eyes,glowing yellow for a split second.

'' Are you alright ? '' she ask concern.

He stand up, smiling and said ''thanks for the talk but I have to go but don't worry, Ill be back in a flash''  Before zooming off into new night.

At first Abigail thought she said something wrong but having his friend quoting one of his favourite childhood superhero is a good sign that she hit the right spot. She could hardly wait to see what was going to happen next with her friend.

Go get them tiger.

-Euro Defender underground HQ- Great Britain-8:10PM

Despite the original building housing the HQ being demolish, the sewage tunnel that lead to the underground part of the base was still intact. The entrance was sealed off  with large metal bar and fill with tape that spelled  Do not enter. Not a real problem unless for those who can vibrate their molecule through matter as Waylon enter the old dusty lab. The old place show it's age as several sheet of dust covered most of the place, except for the traces of foot mark on the ground. This comes as no surprise to him as he recognize the foot print left as the one on his custom made boots. The last time he came was while sleepwalking and for some reason building gadget. Perhaps his brain was preparing itself for his return but after seeing all the left over material and machinery, he smiled. Just imagining the potential gizmos that could come from and to finally make a new suit made him smile. Not that he hated the good old blue and white one but the suit had made his time and now Mercury needed to shine under new colours. On table on his left was a bunch of reinforce spandex and Kevlar tissue along with an issue of one of his favourite comic book series. This however surprise him, how did it land here ? He thought.

Out of curiosity he start flipping the pages. He stop at a page showing one of the villains sporting a yellow suit, which seems like a nice colour. He then sat at a nearby table with a dozen sheet of papers and a few pencil.

Let's see if I can still make a decent looking suit in yellow  He told himself before letting loose his creativity in a blur of movement into the night.
Dusty memories
The second origin story for my speedster. I still have one more like that before launching him into the world of Angel falls. If anyone got any suggestion or comment, my ears are all open.

Part of the universe of angel falls:

**The reference to actual comic were removed from the original due to possible issue that could result from it.**
I knew I'm not putting journal very often but I felt i needed to let you peoples know what's coming up for the super sonic man and others.

I'm still in the process of figuring out where to send the speedster next, for now im bouncing back between to scenario. One is long and quite dark and the other one is potentially shorter, less grim with a bit of humor in it.

I can't give an exact time ill be done with him but I will finish that story and many others that will followed.

For the Red Guard, honestly have no idea what im going to do exactly with him but I'm planning to appear in SSM stories in parallel.

If anyone got suggestion my doors is always open.

Well that's it for now, Akiba signing off. 


akiba165's Profile Picture
I knew I'm not putting journal very often but I felt i needed to let you peoples know what's coming up for the super sonic man and others.

I'm still in the process of figuring out where to send the speedster next, for now im bouncing back between to scenario. One is long and quite dark and the other one is potentially shorter, less grim with a bit of humor in it.

I can't give an exact time ill be done with him but I will finish that story and many others that will followed.

For the Red Guard, honestly have no idea what im going to do exactly with him but I'm planning to appear in SSM stories in parallel.

If anyone got suggestion my doors is always open.

Well that's it for now, Akiba signing off. 

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